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                It all began in 1986 with my first Tervuren, Shadow.  Together we became a team and with him I learned about conformation showing, obedience, tracking and the extraordinary world of Belgians.   He  was a remarkable dog in many ways.  He became a champion at 8 months, earned a tracking title at 10 months, but mostly he excelled at obedience, earning numerous awards and High in Trials.  One of my best memories remains when Shadow won High in Trial with a score of 199½ at our ABTC National Specialty and finished that year ranked the # 3 Belgian Tervuren in the country.  Obedience was my passion, going on to teach many obedience classes at our local dog training club.

                As time went on I became aware of the beautiful Belgians in Europe and thought that these are the qualities I would like to bring into a breeding program of my own someday.  Then in 1991, came “Leia” AM/CKC/ U Ch Domburg Talk Of The Town TD P-BAR , imported from England. Later, also from England, came “Taylor” Tobara We Will Rock You , followed by “Jake” UAGI U Ch Questenberg Rheingold NAP FCT and  “Jensen” BISS AKC/CKC/U Ch Branock Rhythm & Blues  just to name a few.   When it came time to breed the first litter I wanted a kennel name to reflect back to my first tervuren Shadow, Am/Can CH StarBright Full Moon Shadow Am/Can CD, Am TD, choosing the French phrase  “de la Lune”, “of  the moon”.

                   The first  de la Lune  breeding  was  Leia to Jake producing the “Etoile” litter.  Surprisingly, they produced an intervariety litter with 4 blacks, 1 red and 1 gray. The two tervuren went on to become UACHX Deja Une Etoile de la Lune AX AXP OAJ and CH Etoile Demi Jour de la Lune CD.  While at the French National Specialty we saw a beautiful dog named Lynx de la Clairiere aux Louves . Fortunately, we were able to lease him to bring back to the US.  Lynx was bred to Leia to produce her second litter, the “French cities” litter. The most accomplished from this litter was the beautiful NATCH VERS-NATCH UACHX pBAR Versailles de la Lune MX MXJ MAD EAC EGC EJC TN-E WV-E TG-O AD. Over the years we selectively co-bred litters with friends and imported from France several more dogs, most importantly BISS  AM/U Ch s.r.  Opera de la Clairiere aux Louves. Opera was bred several times and to Jake produced the outstanding “sports car” litter, including “Zoom Zoom” UCH Maserati de la Lune , “Crash” UACH Ch GRCH pE Ferrari de la Lune OA NAJ SCT, “Legend” PACH2 GRCH UGRACH3 UCD Lamborghini de la Lune  MX MXJ MXP10 MJP11  PAX 4 OFP , “Lola”  Am/U Ch Lotus de la Lune and “Turk” UAGI Jaguar de la Lune CD RE.  It was in this litter that many of the beautiful European qualities I initially desired appeared.  De la Lune was awarded Best Kennel in show at the UBSDA Nationals in 2002 by judge Firmin Aertgeets, 2004 by judge Pauline Stern-Hanf and  in 2005 by judge Val Thompson.

                   In 2011, after a break from breeding, we imported several new dogs to combine with our existing lines. From Belgium came Kalahari di Scottatura “Dune”, then from England “Fallon” Corsini Pasadena.  As luck would have it, we were then given an unforeseen opportunity to import from   France, Gianna de la Clairiere aux Louves “Gia” and Gold des Canis du Brabant “Rush”.   So with this new beginning came to be a new kennel name . . .                                                                                                 

LA NOUVELLE  LUNE  --- The NEW moon   Cynthia Royal





   I was attracted to the Belgian Tervuren from my first encounter with the breed.  In 1990, I purchased  AM/CAN CH Bon Chien Mercedes CD.    Having always been impressed with the European lines because of  their  presence, type, and silhouette, these are the qualities I came most to admire.   I established my Michigan kennel under the French affix “Arrivee” with my first litter, a combination of American and European lines.  I continued to be drawn to the Belgian Shepherd type expressed in the dogs particularly in Belgium and France.  I wanted to incorporate the qualities I found in the dogs from Michel Griol's kennel  “Clairiere aux Louves",  and the famous  Femto X Eden combination  for their representation of  incredible type and pedigree.    In  1995,  working together with a new kennel "de la Lune",  I was able to obtain my foundation bitch  AM/CAN CH Starbright Glory de La Lune “Tessa” , who finished her championship undefeated.   Then with a few close friends we went to the French National in St Denis, an incredible experience with over 700 dogs.  Who would have known that it was this adventure that led us to s.r. Lynx de la Clairiere aux Louves, a Femto x Eden combination.  Following the French Specialty Tessa was bred to "Lynx " producing, Arrivee's les Impressioniste "Monet" who earned BOS, WB and BPIS at the 1998 National Canadian Regional Supported show.   At the same show, our British import " Jensen" BISS AM/CAN/UKC CH Branock Rhythm 'n Blues was just as successful, earning BOB and BOW.  We exported Monets litter sister Arrivee's Matisse Synecdocke "Ticket" to Canada where she become a Canadian champion. 

With a breeding for Tessa in mind we planned a visit to Michigan from the beautiful French dog   R.E. CH Fr.  JURIS de Condivicnum. and his owner.   Tessa's season came early, but fortunately  “Monet”  her daughter was ready and we bred her to "Juris".  This breeding  produced  CH Arrivee’s  Giverny et Monet CD  “Beau”  and Arrivee’s Au Jardin de Monet  MX MXJ OAP OJP NF NFP RA “ReeCee” ,  both winning various awards and titles throughout the years.   Tessa's last breeding was to CH Neartic de la Grande Lande producing  CH Arrivees Joie de la Lune HSAs, she continued on to be BOS at Westminster in 2006, an AKC Eukanuba winner, and multiple group placer . 

Next came a trip to France where we acquired a beautiful 8 week old puppy who became BISS UKC/AKC  CH  s.r. Opera de la Clairiere aux Louves.  On a return visit to France " Opera" earned the CAC at the French Specialty and obtained her s.r. title.  At the 2002 UKC National Specialty Opera won BISS.  Her first breeding was to  an exquisite sable R.e. Leo de la Grande Lande which produced s.r.Arrivee's Scarlett who was exported to France and the first U.S. bred dog to earn her s.r.  The second breeding produced a beautiful litter with the handsome UKC CH Questenburg Rheingold of Branock.  It included the beautiful “Zoom Zoom” UCH Maserati de la Lune , “Crash” UACH Ch GRCH pE Ferrari de la Lune OA NAJ SCT,  “Legend” PACH2 GRCH UGRACH3 UCD Lamborghini de la Lune  MX MXJ MXP10 MJP11  PAX 4 OFP , “Lola”  Am/U Ch Lotus de la Lune and  “Turk” UAGI Jaguar de la Lune CD RE.  Opera's final litter was to RE CH York Van de Hoge Laer  which resulted in 1er choix Ulou de la Clairiere aux Louves, 1er  choix Unity de la Clairiere aux Louves, Uphora de la Clairiere aux Louves, and s.r. Uzio de la Clairiere aux Louves.

                       Our approach has always been selective breeding, using lines we feel will produce excellent phenotype and genotype.  We have bred, imported, owned and co-owned several  titles Belgians in conformation, obedience, agility and herding.  Various dogs we have imported are seen throughout our  website.   Breeding beautiful accomplished Belgian Shepherds is our passion.   However,   the most important title for our dogs is  beloved family     member.     We currently plan to build on our previously established lines by bringing in our new imports,   Kalahari di Scottatura “Dune”  from Belgium, Corsini Pasadena "Fallon" courtesy of  Mandy McLaren from England and from France, Gianna de la Clairiere aux Louves “Gia” and Gold des Canis du Brabant “Rush”  to breeding program.         ARRIVEE BELGIANS  --  Lisa LaFrance 

  arriveebelgians@sbcglobal.net  OR rcroyal913@yahoo.com