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Some interesting and useful  articles


The Head of the Belgian Shepherd July/August 2015   

Mask of the Belgian Shepherd 

 This article was first reproduced in the July/August 2015 issue of the Berger Belge and is reproduced with permission from the CFCBB

Inheritance of coat color in Belgian Shelpherd

Dr Jean Dodds Heartworm

Dr Jean Dodds Vaccine Protocol 2016

The art and science of judging

Legacies: How to Ensure Your Bloodline Goes Forward



Getting What You Want From Your Breeding Program  By Jerlod S. Bell DVM


Popular-Sire Syndrome: Keeping watch over health and quality issues in purebreds By Jerold S. Bell DVM



Pedigree Analysis, Genetic Diversity, and Genetic Disease Control By Jerold S. Bell DVM



It's all in how theyre raised  

"Purposefully bred purebred dogs brought to you by AKC preservation breeders. We're so proud of what we do for the next generation of the happy, healthy canine family."

Let's Pay it Forward for the Purebred Dog!! -- Bill Shelton